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Volume 17, Issue 1
1 January 1993


Localisation of EGF-Receptor mRNA in the nucleus of A431 cells by light microscopy.
Ody C.M. Sibon, Fons F.M. Cremers, Johannes Boonstra, Bruno M. Humbel and Arie J. Verkleij..........1‑12
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Cell death in the salivary glands of metamorphosing calliphora vomitoria
I.D. Bowen, S.M. Morgan and K. Mullarkey..........13‑34
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Partial activation of surf clam oocytes by hypertonic treatment.
Louise Coutu, Stéphane Larochelle and François Dubé..........35‑44
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Binding of low mobility group proteins with DNA examined in homologous and heterologous systems by Gel retardation assay.
Eva Wiland, Barbara Siemieniako and Wieslaw H. Trzeciak..........45‑54
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Stimulation of human embryonic lung fibroblasts by TGF-β and PDGF acting in synergism. The role of Cell Density.
D. Stathakos, S. Psarras and D. Kletsas..........55‑64
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Stimulation of DNA synthesis in skin fibroblasts by human hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor.
Hirotoshi Kataoka, Eiichi Gohda, Tetsuhiko Matsunaga, Takehisa Ishii, Hiroto Hara and Itaru Yamamoto..........65‑74
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Staurosporine-induced morphological changes in the rat osteoblasts.
Rong‑Sen Yang, Kuo‑Shyan Lu, Wen‑Mei Fu, Tang‑Kue Liu and Shoei‑Yn Lin‑Shiau..........75‑82
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A new insight into the suggestion of a possible antigenic role of a member of the 70 kD heat shock proteins.
G. Rocchi, A. Pavesi, C. Ferrari, A. Bolchi and G.C. Manara..........83‑92
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Changes in the concentration of ions during senescence of the human erythrocyte.
Ivan L. Cameron, W.Elaine Hardman, Nancy K.R. Smith, Gary D. Fullerton and Attila Miseta..........93‑98
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Immunoelectron microscopic localization of cytochrome P-450 isoenzyme CYP4A1 in liver, ileum and kidney of nafenopin treated male rats.
Elke Persohn, Helmut Thomas and Felix Waechter..........99‑104
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Review of Gene Structure and Transcription. "In Focus" - 2nd Edition, by Trevor Beebee and Julian Burke and Endothelin, by Gabor M. Rubanyi
Leoluca Criscione..........105‑106
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