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Cancer Cell death Cell cycle Cytoskeleton Exo/endocytosis Differentiation Division Organelles Signalling Stem cells Trafficking
Cell Biology International (2000) 24, 569–580 (Printed in Great Britain)
Don Gilberta,f1 and David Lloydb
a113 Dellow Close, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex, IG2 7ED, U.K.
bMicrobiology Group (BIOSCIENCES), Cardiff University of Wales, P.O. Box 915, Cardiff, CF10 3TL, Wales, U.K.


Life cannot be simply defined in biochemical terms but it is associated with autodynamic behaviour. This fact implies that all aspects of cell biology should be viewed in terms of the resultant temporal features. Theoretical arguments indicate that the dynamic state can be explained only by the existence of periodicity. In accordance with this view, experimental evidence indicates the existence of multiple oscillators and at least some are highly complex, implying that failure to understand aspects of cell biology can stem from inadequate concepts.

Key words: life, cells, autodynamic behaviour, temporal organization, complexity, oscillations.

f1To whom all correspondence should be addressed.

Received 28 April 2000; accepted 18 May 2000


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