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Volume 27, Issue 7
1 July 2003


Undeniable cell demise by explosion
Denys Wheatley..........503‑505
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Pyk 2 FAKs, any two FAKs
Irwin H. Gelman..........507‑510
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Exportin 1-independent nuclear export of GAPDH
Hans‑Dirk Schmitz, Christine Dutiné and Jürgen Bereiter‑Hahn..........511‑517
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Differential gene expression of bone-related proteins in epithelial and fibroblastic cells derived from human periodontal ligament
Yoshihiro Mouri, Hideki Shiba, Noriyoshi Mizuno, Takuji Noguchi, Tetsuji Ogawa and Hidemi Kurihara..........519‑524
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Dynamic changes in connexin expression correlate with key events in the wound healing process
Petula Coutinho, Cindy Qiu, Stefanie Frank, Kamaldeep Tamber and David Becker..........525‑541
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Differential effects of Matrigel and its components on functional activity of CFTR and ENaC in mouse endometrial epithelial cells
Jian Zhi Yang, Alice Lok Sze Ho, Louis Chukwuemeka Ajonuma, Sun Yee Lam, Lai Ling Tsang, Ning Tang, Dewi Kenneth Rowlands, Yu Lin Gou, Yiu Wa Chung and Hsiao Chang Chan..........543‑548
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Misexpression of mouse porcupine isoforms modulates the differentiation of P19 embryonic carcinoma cells
Kimiko Tanaka, Yasuo Kitagawa and Tatsuhiko Kadowaki..........549‑557
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Effect of BAP and IAA on the expression of G1 and G2 control points and G1-S and G2-M transitions in root meristem cells of Vicia faba
Justyna T. Polit, Janusz Maszewski and Andrzej Kaźmierczak..........559‑566
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Immortalisation of a mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIC fibroblast cell line via expression of SV40 T antigen
Kathy Nelson, Elizabeth L Melville, Peter J Meikle and Donald S Anson..........567‑570
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Slow internal dynamics of membrane proteins in mechanisms of protease-induced aggregation of platelets
V Mazhul, T Chernovets, E Zaitseva and D Shcharbin..........571‑578
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Cellular aspects of elastogenesis in the elastic tendon of the chicken wing
Silvia Borges Pimentel and Hernandes F. Carvalho..........579‑586
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Stimulation of lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase by retinoic acid coincides with inhibition of cell proliferation in human 3AO ovarian cancer cells
Bing Su, Ming Guan, Jing Xia and Yuan Lu..........587‑592
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Inflammation: a novel mechanism for the transport of extracellular nucleotide-induced arachidonic acid by S100A8/A9 for transcellular metabolism
Subburaj Kannan..........593‑595
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Erratum to “CR2 units of CR2 complexes are possibly associated with nucleophilic agents through reactive covalent links”[Cell Biology International 27 (2003) 7–22]
Maria Grazia Di Certo, Alberto Faggioni and Giuseppe Barile..........597
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