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Cell Biology International (2004) 28, 49–56 (Printed in Great Britain)
Subcellular localization of MAK-V/Hunk protein kinase expressed in COS-1 cells
Elena V Korobkoab, Sergey L Kiseleva and Igor V Korobkoa*
aInstitute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 34/5 Vavilov Street, Moscow 119334, Russia
bUniversity of Oslo, Centre for Medical Studies at Moscow, Moscow, Russia


MAK-V/Hunk is a MARK/Par-1-related protein kinase, whose function is unknown. We studied the subcellular localization of MAK-V/Hunk in COS-1 cells by immunofluorescence. It has a nucleocytoplasmic distribution and is localized to the centrosome, as indicated by co-localization with γ-tubulin. A putative kinase-deficient mutant, with a mutation in the invariant lysine residue in the catalytic domain, was not targeted to the nucleus or centrosome. These results suggest that the nuclear and centrosomal targeting of MAK-V/Hunk is specific, and is likely to be coupled to its catalytic activity.

Key words: MAK-V/Hunk protein kinase, COS-1 cells, Intracellular localization, Nucleocytoplasmic, Centrosome.

*Corresponding author. Fax: +7-095-1359970

Received 3 June 2003/16 September 2003; accepted 31 October 2003


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