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Volume 29, Issue 12
1 December 2005


Endopolyploidy in development and cancer; “survival of the fattest?”
Jekatrina Erenpreisa..........981‑982
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Reappraisal of the Hansemann–Boveri hypothesis on the origin of tumors
Paul A. Hardy and Helmut Zacharias..........983‑992
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Endopolyploidy as a morphogenetic factor of development
Alim P. Anisimov..........993‑1004
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Segregation of genomes in polyploid tumour cells following mitotic catastrophe
Jekaterina Erenpreisa, M. Kalejs, F. Ianzini, E.A. Kosmacek, M.A. Mackey, D. Emzinsh, M.S. Cragg, A. Ivanov and T.M. Illidge..........1005‑1011
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Mitotic catastrophe and endomitosis in tumour cells: An evolutionary key to a molecular solution
Jekaterina Erenpreisa, M. Kalejs and M.S. Cragg..........1012‑1018
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Hunting the mechanisms of self-renewal of immortal cell populations by means of real-time imaging of living cells
O.V. Kvitko, I.I. Koneva, Y.I. Sheiko and M.V. Anisovich..........1019‑1024
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5-Azacytidine decreases fragmentation of nuclear DNA and pigment formation in first leaf cells of barley seedlings
N. Shkute and N. Stivrina..........1025‑1031
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Nuclear deformation characterizes Werner syndrome cells
Caroline Adelfalk, Harry Scherthan, Monica Hirsch‑Kauffmann and Manfred Schweiger..........1032‑1037
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COMBO-FISH for focussed fluorescence labelling of gene domains: 3D-analysis of the genome architecture of abl and bcr in human blood cells
Jutta Schwarz‑Finsterle, Stefan Stein, Constance Großmann, Eberhard Schmitt, Helmut Schneider, Luba Trakhtenbrot, Gideon Rechavi, Ninette Amariglio, Christoph Cremer and Michael Hausmann..........1038‑1046
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Possible role of endogenous growth inhibitors in regeneration of organs: Searching for new approaches
N. Giorgobiani, D. Dzidziguri, M. Rukhadze, L. Rusishvili and G. Tumanishvili..........1047‑1049
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Death of mitochondria during programmed cell death of leaf mesophyll cells
 Tūrs Selga, Maija Selga and Vineta Pāvila..........1050‑1056
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Budded karyoplasts from multinucleated fibroblast cells contain centrosomes and change their morphology to mitotic cells
Kirsten H. Walen..........1057‑1065
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Whole-genome chromosome distribution during nuclear fragmentation of giant trophoblast cells of Microtus rossiaemeridionalis studied with the use of gonosomal chromatin arrangement
E.V. Zybina, T.G. Zybina, M.S. Bogdanova and G.I. Stein..........1066‑1070
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Cell reproduction and genome multiplication in the proliferative and invasive trophoblast cell populations of mammalian placenta
Tatiana G. Zybina and Eugenia V. Zybina..........1071‑1083
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Neosis – a paradigm of self-renewal in cancer
Rengaswami Rajaraman, Murali M. Rajaraman, Selva R. Rajaraman and Duane L. Guernsey..........1084‑1097
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