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Volume 30, Issue 8
1 August 2006


Combined effect of low-power laser irradiation and anthraquinone anticancer drug aclarubicin on survival of immortalized cells: Comparison with mitoxantrone
Aneta Koceva‑Chyła, Bogusława Wiēcławska, Zofia Jóźwiak and Maria Bryszewska..........645‑652
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Epidermal growth factor (EGF) induces apoptosis in a transfected cell line expressing EGF receptor on its membrane
Xiaorong Zhao, Wentao Dai, Huifen Zhu, Yue Zhang, Limin Cao, Qing Ye, Ping Lei and Guanxin Shen..........653‑658
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Effects of Gekko sulfated polysaccharide on the proliferation and differentiation of hepatic cancer cell line
XiongZhi Wu, Dan Chen and Guang‑Ru Xie..........659‑664
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Role of γ-glutamyltranspeptidase in detoxification of xenobiotics in the yeasts Hansenula polymorpha and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Vira M. Ubiyvovk, Oleksandra V. Blazhenko, Daniel Gigot, Michel Penninckx and Andriy A. Sibirny..........665‑671
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N-all-trans-retinoyl-l-proline inhibits metastatic potential of hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Xing Zhong Wu, Peng‑Chen Shi, Ping Hu, Yi Chen and Sheng‑Song Ding..........672‑680
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Abstracts from the International Symposium on Frontiers in Life Sciences: Molecular Basis of Disease, Prevention and Treatment
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