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Cell Biology International (2006) 30, 879–884 (Printed in Great Britain)
Effects of human yolk sac endothelial cells on supporting expansion of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells from cord blood
Liangshan Hu, Lamei Cheng, Jian Wang, Huiping Zhao, Huaxin Duan and Guangxiu Lu*
National Stem Cells Engineering Research Center, Institute of Human Reproductive and Stem Cell Engineering, Central South University, Changsha City, Hunan 410078, China


In order to investigate the effects of human yolk sac-derived endothelial cells (hYSECs) on the expansion of human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HS/PCs) from umbilical cord blood (UCB) in vitro, we purified hYSEC-like cells from 4–5 week human yolk sacs, which were morphologically similar to endothelial cells and expressed CD31, CD144 and vWF characteristics of endothelial cells. Then we isolated CD34+ cells from UCB in culture under three different conditions: with hematopoietic cytokines (CKs), contact-coculture or noncontact-coculture with hYSECs supplemented with CKs, and found that the contact-coculture system had the strongest expansion efficiency in the total cells' (TCs) ability to form HPP-CFCs. Erythroid burst-forming units (BFU-E) increased 52.35-fold, 20.26-fold and 27.77-fold, respectively, compared with pre-expansion. We detected that the mRNA of Notch ligands such as Jagged1, Delta1 and Delta4 could express in hYSECs after contacted culture with UCB-CD34+ cells but not the noncontacted cells by RT-PCR analysis. Therefore, we concluded that the contact-coculture system supplemented with CKs could support the expansion of UCB-HS/PCs in vitro, especially high potential proliferative colony-forming cells (HPP-CFC) and BFU-E, perhaps owing to Notch signal pathway.

Key words: Yolk sac-derived endothelial cells, CD34+ cells from umbilical cord blood, In vitro expansion, Notch.

*Corresponding author. Tel.: +86 731 4805319; fax: +86 731 4497661.

Received 28 December 2005/28 March 2006; accepted 2 June 2006


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