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Volume 31, Issue 10
1 October 2007


Isolation and characterization of EG-like cells from Chinese swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Ben Huang, Ti‑San Xie, De‑Shun Shi, Tong Li, Xiao‑Li wang, Yi Mo, Zhi‑Qiang Wang and Meng‑Mei Li..........1079‑1088
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Zinc-finger transcription factor Snail accelerates survival, migration and expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in human bone mesenchymal stem cells
Yun‑hong Zha, Jie‑feng He, Yuan‑wu Mei, Tao Yin and Ling Mao..........1089‑1096
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The effect of substrate and adsorbed proteins on adhesion, growth and shape of CaCo-2 cells
Š. Zemljič Jokhadar, T. Žnidarčič, S. Svetina and U. Batista..........1097‑1108
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Werner syndrome helicase (WRN), nuclear DNA helicase II (NDH II) and histone γH2AX are localized to the centrosome
Suisheng Zhang, Peter Hemmerich and Frank Grosse..........1109‑1121
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Colocalization of aldolase and FBPase in cytoplasm and nucleus of cardiomyocytes
Piotr Mamczur, Danuta Dus and Andrzej Dzugaj..........1122‑1130
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In vivo visualization of actin dynamics and actin interactions by BiFC
Ines Anderie and Andreas Schmid..........1131‑1135
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Caspase-8 dependent osteosarcoma cell apoptosis induced by proteasome inhibitor MG132
Xiao‑Bo Yan, Di‑Sheng Yang, Xiang Gao, Jie Feng, Zhong‑Li Shi and Zhaoming Ye..........1136‑1143
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Lack of a time-dependent effect of melatonin on radiation-induced apoptosis in cultured rat lymphocytes
Erkan Yurtcu, Yildiz Guney, Mehmet Ali Ergun, H. Zafer Guney, Canan Uluoglu, Ayse Hicsonmez, Berna Yucel, Gul Ozbey and Hakan Zengil..........1144‑1149
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Mechanical fragmentation and transportation of calcium phosphate substrate by filopodia and lamellipodia in a mature osteoclast
T. Nagafusa, H. Hoshino, T. Sakurai, S. Terakawa and A. Nagano..........1150‑1159
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Changes in expression of cell wall turnover genes accompany inhibition of chromosome segregation by bovine protein kinase C α expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jason A. Sprowl, David J. Villeneuve, Baoqing Guo, Andrew J.M. Young, Stacey L. Hembruff and Amadeo M. Parissenti..........1160‑1172
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Epithelial-stromal transition of MMP-7 immunolocalization in the rat ventral prostate following bilateral orchiectomy
Sergio L. Felisbino, Luis A. Justulin Junior, Hernandes F. Carvalho and Sebastião R. Taboga..........1173‑1178
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Salicylic acid-induced taxol production and isopentenyl pyrophosphate biosynthesis in suspension cultures of Taxus chinensis var. mairei
Yan‑Dong Wang, Jin‑Chuan Wu and Ying‑Jin Yuan..........1179‑1183
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Ser-10 phosphorylated histone H3 is involved in cytokinesis as a chromosomal passenger
Liping Song, Dengwen Li, Ruming Liu, Hao Zhou, Jiatong Chen and Xitai Huang..........1184‑1190
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Mesenchymal progenitor cells in adult human dental pulp and their ability to form bone when transplanted into immunocompromised mice
Sayuri Otaki, Shigeru Ueshima, Kohei Shiraishi, Kazuo Sugiyama, Suguru Hamada, Masatomo Yorimoto and Osamu Matsuo..........1191‑1197
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Apoptotic effect of Semecarpus anacardium nut extract on T47D breast cancer cell line
Panneerselvam Mathivadhani, Palanivelu Shanthi and Panchanatham Sachdanandam..........1198‑1206
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Coxsackievirus B3 affects endothelial tight junctions: Possible relationship to ZO-1 and F-actin, as well as p38 MAPK activity
Yuanrong Ju, Tao Wang, Yang Li, Wei Xin, Shuyun Wang and Jianfeng Li..........1207‑1213
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Effect of formaldehyde and resveratrol on the viability of Vero, HepG2 and MCF-7 cells
Z.L. Marcsek, Zs. Kocsis, B. Szende and A. Tompa..........1214‑1219
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NF-κB responds to mechanical strains in osteoblast-like cells, and lighter strains create an NF-κB response more readily
Jun Liu, Ling Zou, Yi Zheng, Zhihe Zhao, Yu Li, Pu Yang and Songjiao Luo..........1220‑1224
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Rho activation is required for transforming growth factor-β-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lens epithelial cells
Hee Jun Cho and Jiyun Yoo..........1225‑1230
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Genetic networks in nonpermissive temperature-induced cell differentiation of Sertoli TTE3 cells harboring temperature-sensitive SV40 large T-antigen
Yoshiaki Tabuchi, Ichiro Takasaki, Atsumi Suto, Takashi Kondo, Yoshihisa Suzuki and Masuo Obinata..........1231‑1236
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Prevacuolar compartment morphology in vps mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jamie M. Hedman, Matthew D. Eggleston, Amanda L. Attryde and Pamela A. Marshall..........1237‑1244
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Antioxidative and prooxidative effects of quercetin on A549 cells
Agnieszka Robaszkiewicz, Aneta Balcerczyk and Grzegorz Bartosz..........1245‑1250
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Ginsenosides promote proliferation of chicken primordial germ cells via PKC-involved activation of NF-κB
Chutian Ge, Caiqiao Zhang, Jian Ye, Xinyan Tang and Yanqun Wu..........1251‑1256
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Replicative senescence, telomere shortening and cell proliferation rate in Gaddi goat's skin fibroblast cell line
Neelam Gupta, Ritu Taneja, Alok Pandey, Manishi Mukesh, Hari Singh and S.C. Gupta..........1257‑1264
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Anti-proliferation and apoptosis induced by a novel intestinal metabolite of ginseng saponin in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Yan‑lin Ming, Gang Song, Liang‑hua Chen, Zhi‑zhong Zheng, Zhong‑yan Chen, Gao‑liang Ouyang and Qing‑xuan Tong..........1265‑1273
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Myostatin and MyoD family expression in skeletal muscle of IGF-1 knockout mice
Masato Miyake, Shinichiro Hayashi, Tomomi Sato, Yoshikazu Taketa, Kouichi Watanabe, Shinji Hayashi, Sachi Tanaka, Shyuichi Ohwada, Hisashi Aso and Takahiro Yamaguchi..........1274‑1279
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Expression of HtKNOT1, a class I KNOX gene, overlaps cell layers and development compartments of differentiating cells in stems and flowers of Helianthus tuberosus
V. Michelotti, L. Giorgetti, C. Geri, G. Cionini, C. Pugliesi and M. Fambrini..........1280‑1287
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Abnormal expression of ENaC and SGK1 mRNA induced by dietary sodium in Dahl salt-sensitively hypertensive rats
Wataru Aoi, Naomi Niisato, Yukinori Sawabe, Hiroaki Miyazaki, Shinsaku Tokuda, Kyosuke Nishio, Toshikazu Yoshikawa and Yoshinori Marunaka..........1288‑1291
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Evaluation of angiogenesis in normal and lichen planus skin by CD34 protein immunohistochemistry: Preliminary findings
Mahmoud R. Hussein..........1292‑1295
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