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Figure 6 RA and cell aggregation signalling via phosphorylated SMADs

(A) Western blot experiments were performed as detailed in the Material and methods section. Cells were treated under four different treatment conditions for 24 h. Twenty-five micrograms of lysates were applied in each lane to detect phosphorylated Smad1/5, phosphorylated Smad2 and non-phosphorylated Smad2. Two micrograms protein lysates were applied in each lane for GAPDH. (B) Fold changes relative to untreated control (UC) [(−RA) (−) aggregation] were determined by a densitometric method. All the experiments were repeated more than three times, and similar results were obtained. The asterisk values were determined compared with no treatment. The upper bold boxes indicate values of relative ratios of the phosphosmads.

Cell Biology International (2010) Volume 34, 631-643