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Figure 4 Decrease in the levels of cyclin B1 in cells undergoing senescence-associated polyploidization

HeLa cells were treated with Adriamycin at 20 ng/ml (A) or 200 ng/ml (B) and fixed at the indicated periods of treatment. The bivariate contour plots are shown together with dot plots for each individual plot. DNA content is shown on the x-axis, while cyclin B1 protein level is shown on the y-axis (log scale). The regions designated by a line include cells having 4N DNA content: lower and upper regions indicate cyclin B1-negative and -positive cell populations, respectively. The percentage of cells with cyclin B1 or without cyclin B1 to 4N cells is shown. DNA histograms are shown above each bivariate plot. Peak haploid genome equivalents (2N, 4N, polyploidy) are indicated. Each plot represents 20 000 cells. The percentages of cyclin B1-negative tetraploid cells and polyploid cells are plotted (C).

Cell Biology International (2010) Volume 34, 645-653