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Figure 1 Assessment of nitrotyrosine accumulation in the tissues of control and diabetic rats with and without red wine consumption, using Western blot analysis

Representative Western blot analyses of nitrotyrosine-modified proteins in the sciatic nerve (A), DRG (B), spinal cord (C), renal parenchyma (G) and retinae (H) of control and diabetic rats with and without wine consumption. Total nitrotyrosine context (D), (E), (F), (I) and (J), respectively. Total nitrotyrosine protein content in control rats is taken as 100%. Equal protein loading was confirmed with β-actin antibody. C, control groups; D, diabetic groups; RW, red wine. The data are expressed as means±S.E.M., n = 5–7. **P<0.01 compared with controls. #P<0.05 and ##P<0.01 compared with diabetic rats without wine consumption.

Cell Biology International (2010) Volume 34, 1147-1153