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Figure 7 Immunoelectron revealing of SC35, hnRNPs A/B and NXF1 in IGCs of P. communis oocytes

(A) An IGC after double labelling with anti-SC35 (10-nm gold particles) and anti-hnRNPs A/B (15-nm gold particles) antibodies. (B) A part of an IGC after double labelling with the same antibodies as in (A) at higher magnification to show the co-localization of SC35 and hnRNPs A/B within the IGC; arrows indicate 15-nm gold particles that correspond to hnRNPs A/B. (C) An IGC after labelling with anti-NXF1 antibody. Scale bars = 0.1 μm.

Cell Biology International (2010) Volume 34, 1163-1170