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Cell Biology International (2010) 34, S74 (Printed in Great Britain)
Meeting Abstract
Molecular cloning of a novel splicing variant of the rat LM23 gene
Xiujun Zhang*, Dongxia Hao, Wenping Yang, Yang Wang, Yajuan Song and Yanan Meng
Department of Life Science, North China Coal Medical College, Tangshan, 063000, China

LM23 is a gene with testis-specific expression and crucial for meiosis during spermatogenesis in Rattus norvegicus. In this study, we have isolated a novel splicing variant of LM23 that we called svLM23 from rat testis, which is 858 bp, encoding a 286-amino acid polypeptide that lackes exon 6 and 7, 5'end extension in 3’-end of exon 5. The LM23 and svLM23 are both located on the rat chromosome 6q13, and the svLM23 protein is located in the nucleus. RT-PCR analysis in our work showed that svLM23 was detected in rat testis. The work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 30671092) and Basic Research Foundation of National Commonweal Research Institute (No. 2009GJSSJKB03).

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Published online 1 August 2010, doi:10.1042/CBI034S074d

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