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Figure 3 Effect of IRAK4 siRNA and PI3K inhibitor on the IL-1-β-induced IL-6 mRNA expression in A549

PI3Ki: PI3K inhibitor (LY294002: 20 μM), IL-1β (1 ng/ml). Relative gene quantities were obtained using the comparative Ct method after normalization to human cyclophilin A (NM_021130.3). Data were indicated by means±S.E.M (n = 3). *P<0.05 compared with IL-1β. ##P<0.01 compared with CTRL siRNA treated with IL-1β; $P<0.05 compared with IRAK4 siRNA treated with IL-1β and PI3Ki (Welch test, GraphPad Prism ver. 4.03).

Cell Biology International (2011) Volume 35, 355-358