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Figure 1 Effects of 5-aza and TSA alone or in combination on benzene-induced apoptosis

Apoptosis was detected by annexin V/PI staining assay using flow cytometer (A, B). (A) Typical example of three independent experiments. The x-axis represented the annexin V labelling, while the y-axis represented the PI staining. (B) Benzene+5-aza, benzene+TSA and benzene+5-aza+TSA denoted that benzene-treated cells were incubated with 10 μM 5-aza for 72 h, 200 nM TSA for 24 h, 10 μM 5-aza for 48 h and then with 200 nM TSA for another 24 h, respectively. *P<0.01, compared with the control group, #P<0.01, compared with the benzene treatment group, &P<0.05, compared with the benzene treatment group, n = 3.

Cell Biology International (2011) Volume 35, 391-396