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Figure 5 Blocking effect of verapamil on the CGRP-induced NO concentrations in MG-63 cells (A) and MOBs (B)

Control groups were treated with DMEM, CGRP-stimulated groups were incubated with 10 nM CGRP, verapamil groups were incubated with 5 μM verapamil and experimental groups were co-incubated with CGRP and verapamil for 4 h. The NO concentration in the supernatants was detected and measured as described in Figure 3. Data are presented as the relative NO production compared with control groups and are expressed as the mean±S.E.M., n = 8; *P<0.05, **P<0.01 compared with control groups; $P<0.05, $$P<0.01, compared with CGRP-stimulated groups.

Cell Biology International (2011) Volume 35, 757-765